FRONT® Workshop - December 2024

2 PM (CET)
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Learn from experts about current trends and solutions in the construction industry and discover the possibilities of working with StoneCycling’s sustainable building materials.

In the StoneCycling CPD, we will share our knowledge and expertise on climate action in construction, innovative technologies, as well as waste-based and bio-based building materials. This enables you to gain up-to-date knowledge and enhance personal proficiency in sustainable building solutions and circularity.

StoneCycling X Studio Mixtura | WasteBasedGlazedBricks®

During a 30/40-minute presentation, we will share insights about:

  • The impact of the growing amount of construction, demolition and industrial waste
  • The problems arising from extracting scarce raw materials
  • The current state of carbon emissions related to construction


Followed by a conversation about:

  • Proposed actions to tackle these trends
  • Our Road Map to achieving ambitious climate goals
  • Unique features of WasteBasedBricks and BioBasedTiles
  • Innovative technologies and solutions in partnership with FRONT® and other industry experts


The extra context we give during these presentations can help answer questions specific to your design ambition and create a commitment in your team to achieve ambitious sustainable goals.

The workshop is free to attend.

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Please note that this is not an accredited CPD course. Unfortunately we’re unable to provide CPD certificates.