Made from primarily corn waste, CornWall® is the sustainable alternative for interior wall cladding. CornWall® is climate positive and biodegradable.

  • Climate Positive
  • Zero Waste
  • Demountable
  • Suitable for interior walls and furniture
  • Samples available now
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How it's made

To overcome the problem of scarcity, we search for raw materials that are found everywhere in abundance. Circular Matters leverages the power of plants to create materials that replace fossil-based plastics and resins.

Primarily made from corn waste, CornWall is the sustainable alternative for interior wall cladding.

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Curious to see what organic waste can look like when you treat it right?

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Moving towards beautiful building materials with a positive carbon impact on the planet, that’s our mission. And now we present to you a new solution that will change the way we think about organic waste. 

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