This is not waste.

Introducing WasteBasedBricks®

Waste as Resource.

Currently, our WasteBasedBricks® are made from a minimum of 60% waste, but we are working hard to get to 100% in the upcoming years.

Built to Last.

We not only design and develop products that have a long lifespan (over 50 years), but we also prioritize building long-term and durable relationships with our customers, producers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.


We use design as a means to realize our vision and dare to take a creative approach to construction, involving industries, people, and production methods that are unconventional.

Upcycling as much waste as possible and turning it into unique and beautiful building materials. That is our mission.

Made from
at least 60% waste

91 kg waste
per m² upcycled

CO2 compensated

StoneCycling Bespoke Products

Suitable for exterior and interior applications.

interior / exterior

Interior walls
walls / furniture

interior / exterior


Order size and delivery


290 x 90 x 50 mm
210 x 100 x 50 mm
210 x 70 x 50 mm
215 x 102.5 x 65 mm
240 x 115 x 52 mm
490 x 90 x 40 mm

Order size within Europe (including UK)

> 200 m² (interior)
> 500 m² (exterior)

Order size in United States

> 1000 m² (interior + exterior)

Order size in the Middle East

> 1000 m² (interior)


The WasteBasedBrick® is our proof that it’s possible to build high-quality, aesthetic structures from waste.


The WasteBasedSlip® significantly reduces the use of materials, while the facades have the same properties as ordinary masonry.

Experience the WasteBasedBricks®

Do you want to experience the WasteBasedBricks® for yourself? Order a sample and we will get in touch to talk further. Not sure which product you would like to use? Receive our Digital Sample Pack within minutes.
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StoneCycling || The West, 11th Avenue, New York, USA
StoneCycling || Technique in London, UK
Eye-Catching Sustainable Ace & Tate Store Barcelona || StoneCycling
Future-Proof Office Space with Adyen in Amsterdam || StoneCycling
Award-Winning Facade at Sands End Arts & Community Centre in London || StoneCycling
New York, USA

Sustainable Facade on 11th Avenue

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London, United Kingdom

Future-Facing Development

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Barcelona, Spain

Eye-Catching Store Design

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Future-Proof Office Space

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London, United Kingdom

Award-Winning Community Centre

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Discover our Custom Made Service.

Is your project exceeding 1.000 m² and are you looking for a unique look and feel in terms of colour, texture, size and/or shape? Then the Custom Made service might be what you’re looking for. Together we develop a unique WasteBasedBrick®, especially for your project.

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