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Develop your bespoke brick or brick slip. Discover the possibilities.

The goal of our product team is to create the perfect sustainable product for your specific design. Our production process is flexible, allowing us to work closely together to develop your tailor-made product.

Future-Proof Office Space with Adyen in Amsterdam || StoneCycling
StoneCycling || The West, 11th Avenue, New York, USA
Natuur Inclusief Paviljoen voor Universiteit Leiden
77.250 kg waste upcycled

Tuscany in Amsterdam

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261.886 kg waste upcycled

Space Grey Bricks

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111.950 kg waste upcycled

Nature Inclusive Pavilion

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How does it work?


Defining the Scope

The first step is all about understanding what exactly you are looking for. During an online video conference, we will zoom in on the four cornerstones of a bespoke development: Colour, Texture, Size and Shape.


To get the colour right, we will show you examples of products and projects we’ve delivered over the years. We will also ask you for reference images, sample materials or anything else that can help us understand better what you are looking for.
References of various sustainable building materials by FRONT®
StoneCycling - How It's Made - Waste Processing - Mixing
For custom developments, we can change our recipes to create new colours.
Composition Glazed Bricks Made From Waste: Beautiful and Sustainable! || StoneCycling
How about using waste based glazing to expand your colour range?


The look and feel of a material or surface depends a lot on the texture. Our production is flexible, so we have the possibility to create endless compositions. We’ll show you various options to determine what could work best in your design. Here you can see some examples:
A texture can change the entire experience of a surface. Rough, smooth, shiny? Challenge us!
Composition Glazed Bricks Made From Waste: Beautiful and Sustainable! || StoneCycling
We've created waste based glazing in various colours, giving a shiny gloss to your project.
How We Turn Waste into Unique Bespoke Bricks With Your Input || StoneCycling
Our "Wasabi" comes in artistic shades of green.


Size matters from an aesthetic as well as a technical perspective. Currently you can work within the maximum dimensions of 700mm (length), 240mm (width) and 80mm (height).
Long and linear, or short and bulky?
Slim and elegant, or thick and textured?
WasteBuild 365 - Innovation Spotlight with StoneCycling's Ward Massa [Video]
Long and thin with a corner element.
How about combining length and thickness?


Corner bricks, ornaments, or special bricks - you name it, we can make it! We can produce many different shapes from custom moulds or we can cut certain shapes based on your design.
StoneCycling Custom Made Service
Squared, rounded, triangular, L-shaped or anything else!
StoneCycling - How It's Made - Research & Development
We can also produce tiles or hexagon-shaped bricks and slips.
Sustainable Renovation at Museum in Venlo, The Netherlands || StoneCycling
Develop truly unique furniture cladding.
No one size fits all!

Price Indication

Based on the defined scope, we provide an initial cost price calculation. When the client commits to this budget and planning, we continue working on the bespoke development. The commitment in this phase is a downpayment of 10% of the order value. This amount will deducted from the total price upon ordering.



Time for us to get back into the laboratory. Based on your input, we’ll start tweaking our base recipes and production methods to meet the expectations set in scope. The test results will be shared with you and improved in a maximum of three rounds.

StoneCycling’s Exclusive Early Stage Innovation Panel
Our lab is comparable to a chef's kitchen. Playing with different ingredients creates new flavours.
How We Turn Waste into Unique Bespoke Bricks With Your Input || StoneCycling
Our brickmakers are constantly working on bespoke developments and product improvement.
Glazed Bricks by StoneCycling & Studio Mixtura: Let Bricks Shine With New Waste-Based Glazing!
We often team up with other material experts, like here with Studio Mixtura, to create new products and finishes
Why Demolition for Reuse is an Essential Element in the Circular Economy || StoneCycling
A good challenge triggers the imagination of our creative team.
The Importance of Research and Development with Playfulness
Experimenting is key to exploring new possibilities. These custom bricks are ready for the oven!

Ready for Production

All the materials that we produce are tested and verified by an external and independent laboratory. The results will be translated into a datasheet with the relevant technical properties. These will be delivered alongside the production.

  • A high quality product for facades, flooring, and interior walls
  • A unique product never used in another project
  • A bespoke product that completes your specific design
  • Co-creating bespoke colours, textures, shapes and sizes
  • Recipes with a minimum of 60% waste
  • No compromise on aesthetics and technical quality
  • For projects exceeding 1000 m², with a budget starting at € 80 / m² for WasteBasedSlips and € 130 / m² for WasteBasedBricks
  • Minimum timeline of 32 weeks
  • Client committed to both planning and budget

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