The first ever bio-based tile that grows with the help of bacteria. This is your solution to lower your CO₂ footprint. Powered by Biomason® technology.

  • 3x stronger than concrete block
  • 20% lighter than concrete block
  • Lower CO₂ emissions than traditional cement
  • Made with bacteria
  • Suitable for floors and walls on both interior and exterior surfaces
  • Samples available now
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How it's made

Our partner Biomason learned how nature grows through one of its most robust and enduring structures: coral. Taking inspiration from marine ecosystems, Biomason is on a path to greatly minimize carbon emissions in the production of building materials. With the help of bacteria, this tile grew in less than three days. It’s 20% lighter than a concrete block but three times stronger.

And the best thing? These tiles do not require kiln firing.

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Looking to reduce your CO₂ footprint?

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Moving towards beautiful building materials with a positive carbon impact on the planet, that’s our mission. And now we present to you a new solution that will change the way we think about stone. A genuine milestone.

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