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In everything we do, upcycling, design and craftsmanship play a central role. Beyond functionality, we’re committed to proving that waste can be a resource that opens up a new range of aesthetic and surprising forms, textures, and colours.

The production process is complex with a value chain involving many companies, each with distinct goals and ambitions.

StoneCycling-bespoke-custom-made-shapes-textures WasteBasedBricks® + WasteBasedSlips®

Upcycling as much waste as possible and turning it into unique and beautiful building materials. That is our mission.

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Biomason BioBasedTiles®

The first ever bio-based tile that grows with the help of bacteria. This is your solution to lower your CO₂ footprint. Powered by Biomason® technology.

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Circular Matters and StoneCycling Launch CornWall® CornWall®

To overcome the problem of scarcity, we search for raw materials that are found everywhere in abundance. Circular Matters leverages the power of plants to create materials that replace fossil-based plastics and resins.

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