StoneCycling - How It's Made

How it's madeWasteBasedBricks®

Upcycling as much waste as possible and turning it into unique and beautiful building materials. That is our mission.

The WasteBasedBrick® is our proof that it’s possible to build high-quality, aesthetic structures from waste.

Made from at least 60% waste, WasteBasedBricks® upcycle 91 kg waste per square meter. These sustainable building materials are suitable for both interior and exterior use. They are available in custom shapes and sizes.

Waste Processing

StoneCycling - How It's Made - Waste Processing - Collecting
Debris from construction and demolition is one of the biggest waste streams in the world. In Europe, it accounts for approximately 30% of all waste generated.
StoneCycling - How It's Made - Waste Processing - Sorting
Before processing, we carefully select the waste streams that we work with.
StoneCycling - How It's Made - Waste Processing - Grinding
To prepare our recipes, the waste is ground into the right grain size.
StoneCycling - How It's Made - Waste Processing - Mixing
The sorted waste is now being prepared for transport to the production facility.

Production and Testing

StoneCycling WasteBasedBricks® - Pistachio Custom Sizes
The ready mix consisting of 60% waste is now moulded in different shapes and sizes. The production is set up in a flexible way, which allows us to produce nearly any size or shape you require.
StoneCycling Factory
After releasing the bricks from the moulds, they are dried to prepare them for the firing process. In many cases, drying goes faster because of the composition of the brick.
StoneCycling Factory
The bricks now go into the kiln. In some cases, due to the ingredients, we can fire at a lower temperature. At the moment we use natural gas as fuel for the firing process. Our production partner uses a gold standard forest compensated gas. This means the carbon emissions of the firing process are being compensated by planting trees.
All the products we sell are independently tested by an accredited external laboratory. The test results are then translated into a datasheet that can be used by architects and contractors to determine the technical specs and mortar type.

We’re looking forward to creating beautiful and sustainable buildings together!

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