TBC.London: Net Zero Workplace StoneCycling

TBC.London: Net Zero Workplace

110,000 sq ft Sustainable Workspace

TBC.London is the latest addition to the rich, dynamic southern bank of the river Thames in London. As one of the city’s first net zero workplaces, TBC.London is a 110,000 sq ft building that actively enhances and improves its environment.

Holding a high profile position overlooking the river and iconic Tower Bridge, the building is surrounded by contrasting architecture and styles that define the history and depth of London’s character.

FRONT® (formerly StoneCycling) has partnered with architect Stiff + Trevillion and construction company Wilmott Dixon to realize an interior flooring from sustainable materials for client FORE Partnership.

TBC.London will be completed in Summer 2024. On 16 January, FRONT® attended the topping out ceremony in London.

London,United Kingdom
Wilmott Dixon
Interior Flooring


Waste upcycled with this project 7.595 kg
TBC.London: Net Zero Workplace StoneCycling
CGI Credit: FORE Partnership

Sustainable Interior Flooring

By design of architect Stiff + Trevillion, the out-of-date 1990s office building next to Tower Bridge will be transformed into one of the UK’s most sustainable and healthy offices.

The building will introduce a new material palette redefining and simplifying the relationship between Tower Bridge Court, the adjacent Accumulator Tower and Tower Bridge.

FRONT® Wastebasedslips (in a 210x50x23 mm Waal format) and BioBasedTiles will be used as interior flooring material in the project.

The recipe of our Radish Sliced Wastebasedslips have been altered slightly to give the red waste particles extra contrast. The brick slips are made of 60% waste and are laid in a herringbone pattern.

More information about the use of the BioBasedTiles will follow soon.

TBC.London: Net Zero Workplace StoneCycling
CGI Credit: FORE Partnership

Designed with Wellbeing at its Core.

By keeping the existing structure and reusing the embodied carbon in the frame, Stiff + Trevillion have been able to more than halve the carbon footprint of the building over its life. Two floors will be added, with a third additional floor set back from Tower Bridge to create a terrace and club room.

TBC.London will be 100% electric and net zero carbon in operation, with no fossil fuels used in running the property. Energy use will be nearly 80% below planning requirements.

The project is targeting EPC A, NABERS 5.5 stars, Wired Score ‘Platinum’, WELL ‘Platinum’ and BREEAM ‘Outstanding’, the highest possible environmental assessments. Only around 30 offices across the globe have attained a WELL Platinum rating, and combined with the target BREEAM score, TBC.London is aiming to be one of Europe’s greenest, healthiest buildings.

Willmott Dixon and FORE Partnership also share a deep commitment to sustainability. Their combined efforts to be carbon neutral and their positive work in engaging with the communities in which they work set them apart.

Community Building.

A key part of the strategy for TBC.London is to create space where social enterprises and community groups can come together. As a result, tenants can build stronger relationships within the local area and tackle systemic change to deep-seated social issues.

Bricks and mortar make a building, but it is people that make it a place. Buildings of the future must actively connect people with people, both within the building and among the wider community as a whole.

That is why TBC.London has a dedicated, 3,500 sq ft “Urban Village Hall” that is open to occupiers, and to the wider community as a gathering place.


TBC.London: Net Zero Workplace StoneCycling
Credit: FORE Partnership
StoneCycling Attends TBC.London Topping Out Ceremony
Credit: FORE Partnership

“TBC.London will pave the way for a new generation of sustainable and innovative working environments.”

Chris Tredget, Managing Director Willmott Dixon

We have re-imagined the future of real estate and this is it.

Basil Demeroutis, Managing Partner, FORE Partnership

TBC.London is a true asset to the community.

Michael Situ, Mayor of London Borough of Southwark