Now Available: Limited Quantities WasteBasedBricks - Perfect for Your Small-Scale Project!

At StoneCycling, we produce our WasteBasedBricks® and WasteBasedSlips® in the size, shape, and quantity required for a specific project.

We don’t keep products in stock on a regular basis, but every now and then we get the opportunity to produce a bit extra or end up with leftover stock from a previous production run. These are still top-notch bricks, but they’re in smaller batches and don’t quite meet our usual minimum order quantity. This is what makes them perfect for those smaller projects that need a sustainable touch and need a quick turnaround!

All products listed on our Stock Page are delivered with standard factory warranties and samples are available upon request.

Below you can find some examples of current stock and inspiration for small projects:

STOCK StoneCycling - WasteBasedBricks Blackpepper Herringbone
STOCK #T003 - Blackpepper Punched & Sliced
WasteBasedBricks® at HQ Campus || StoneCycling
Project: / Credit: Maarten Willemstein
Walls of Upcycled Bottles at Anne & Max Flagship Café in Haarlem, The Netherlands
Project: Anne&Max / Credit: Ape to Zebra
STOCK StoneCycling - WasteBasedBricks Radish Stretcher
STOCK #T001 – Radish Raw & Sliced

By choosing our bricks made from at least 60% construction and demolition waste, you're not just getting a great product – you're joining us on a mission to make the construction industry greener and more sustainable.

STOCK StoneCycling - WasteBasedBricks Orange Drieklezoor Stretcher
STOCK #T024 - Orange Drieklezoor (3/4 Brick) Punched & Sliced
StoneCycling Orange WasteBasedBricks Ace & Tate
Project / Credit: Ace & Tate
Bar Ramona StoneCycling
Project: Bar Ramona / Credit: studio Modijefsky
STOCK StoneCycling - WasteBasedBricks Nougat Stacked
STOCK #T011 – Nougat Raw & Sliced
STOCK StoneCycling - WasteBasedBricks Pistachio Stretcher
STOCK #T007 – Pistachio Raw & Sliced
Limited Edition Brick for Corporate Interior in Amsterdam: It's 2Good2Waste!
Project: 2Good2Waste Corporate Interior / Credit: Studioninedots

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Please Note:

  • See all available stock here.
  • To streamline our ordering process and maintain operational efficiency, a minimum order quantity of 25 square meters is required for stock items with availability greater than 50 m². For batches less than 50 square meters, the entire batch needs to be purchased.
  • Delivery can occur within 4-8 weeks, depending on the order and destination. Prices on our stock page exclude VAT and transportation costs.
  • Products can only be reserved if the order is confirmed and paid for.