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How it's madeBioBasedTiles®

The first ever bio-based tile that grows with the help of bacteria. This is your solution to lower your CO₂ footprint. Powered by Biomason® technology.

Our partner Biomason learned how nature grows through one of its most robust and enduring structures: coral. Taking inspiration from marine ecosystems, Biomason is on a path to greatly minimize carbon emissions in the production of building materials. With the help of bacteria, this tile grew in less than three days. It’s 20% lighter than a concrete block but three times stronger.

And the best thing? These tiles do not require kiln firing.

Biomimicry - Copying Nature

StoneCycling + Biomason BioBasedTile Process
Traditional cement production accounts for 8% of global carbon dioxide emissions. Without radical change, building our world’s infrastructure destroys our chance at a healthy and safe future.
StoneCycling + Biomason BioBasedTile Process
We learned how nature grows through one of its most robust and enduring structures: coral. Taking inspiration from marine ecosystems, we’re eliminating the need to emit carbon to produce building materials.
StoneCycling + Biomason BioBasedTile Process
For over 200 years, traditional cement production has released carbon dioxide as a byproduct. Biocement®, the binder of the BioBasedTile® is a multi-patented process that harnesses carbon the same way nature does, preventing emissions. Biomason combines carbon and calcium to produce Biocement®.

Production and Testing

Biocement®: The Cement Manufacturing Process Revolutionized with Biotechnology
The BioBasedTile consists of 15% Biocement® and various other ingredients such as waste materials from granite production.
StoneCycling + Biomason BioBasedTile Process
Our production partner developed a custom moulding and shaping process to transform this unique recipe into various sizes, shapes, and textures.
StoneCycling + Biomason BioBasedTile Process
After being released from the mould, the products now have to cure for about 72 hours (compared to 28 days with traditional cement) at ambient temperature. After drying they are ready to get packed and shipped to our clients.
StoneCycling | BioBasedTiles® | Pepper Polished
All products are carefully tested according to American and European standards. Testing is done internally and externally by specialized independent organizations.

We’re looking forward to creating beautiful and sustainable buildings together!

First Ever Installation of BioBasedTiles® at Dropbox in San Francisco, CA
World's Largest Installation of Biocement® to Date at Helix Lab in Denmark || StoneCycling X Biomason
Martin Marietta HQ in Raleigh, North Carolina || StoneCycling X Biomason
15816 kg upcycled waste

Flooring at Dropbox in San Francisco, CA

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18656 kg upcycled waste

Flooring at Helix Lab in Denmark

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11374 kg upcycled waste

Pavement at Martin Marietta in Raleigh, NC

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